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Thousands of pretty women from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and

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Thousands of pretty women from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and

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Romance Tale


Thousands of pretty women from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and

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Asia Charm


Thousands of pretty women from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and

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Thousands of pretty women from Russia, Ukraine, Georgia, Moldova, and

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Something about the protection system

As you’ve already understood this dating service was created for helping people from various countries to find their soulmates. And it has been productively functioning for five years already. You may ask: how such kind of websites may function for a decent amount of time? Surely, not all websites can cope with scammers in this industry and they quickly lose their reliability and safety. While has been functioning for so long and only increased in popularity. This is only due to its privacy policy and protection system.

For the whole description of the protection levels, lots of time may be wasted. So, let’s review some major important things for your general understanding. Speaking about the protection of your personal information, it is a confidential data that is immediately decoded after registration. This info may be used only for internal site’s needs and predominantly in the form of statistical facts. That’s why, this dating service guarantees that your personal information will never be shared with any third parties. 

When discussing the main question about the registered Russian women and how a man may be sure in the reliability of their profiles. This question is rather simple, all the Russia ladies are checked prior signing up on the website and if someone cannot prove the real intentions of registration she won’t be allowed to create an account. In such a case, every member can be sure that he is reading correct info in the women’s profiles, all the photos and videos are real. This system was implemented right after the site’s launch. From the very beginning, it was a crucial thing and the only one that doesn’t need improvement and correction. 

Furthermore, there are constant monitoring of the site’s scammers on this dating website. Experts in this field create new and new methods of dealing with scammers online. They are rather effective and hardly any fraud was noticed for the recent time period.      

These are the main point you should be aware about, hope this general info was helpful for you. is like a window to new understanding of Russian women. Their culture, traditions and overall life understanding is a huge world of discoveries and miracles. Those who tried to understand their life priorities and world-view just fall in love with these unique girls. If you have never met such women in reality, you’d better review this article and find out something new about Russian ladies.      

This online service will help you to get in touch with them, to build serious relations and may be even get marriage. It is more than a chatting platform, it is like a service with people united by one aim. These people are searching for love and tender relations. 

There are thousands of Russian wives’ profiles on this resource and all of these beauties are searching for one. They are looking for family happiness and serious relations. Is it possible that all these Russian ladies have serious family plans? Yes, it is true. So, if you are interested in the whole procedure of online relationship building, just go on reviewing this article.

How does this resource function?

In case you are seriously oriented into searching for your Russian wife, then the registration on this dating platform is a great variant to start from. This process will not be as simple as it may look like from the first minutes. However, can be a wonderful mediator between you and your future girlfriend. If you prefer online communication, this whole process will be even more joyful for you, then for other users. 

This service isn’t functioning just by picking your ideal woman and organizing you a real meetings. There are such platforms online, but 1000russianladies has totally different strategy of functioning. This website creates a cool atmosphere for foreign men and Russian ladies, assists in difficult situations, can organize a real date but only after a user’s request. As you see, everything is done for the client’s comfort and only after his initiative. If a member doesn’t want to have a real meeting, nobody will insist on this or propose such an idea.     

Usually, the whole process functions in the following way: people meet each other online, communicate, have a meeting in person and then everything depends on their preferences. They decide to continue this relation or not. If the girl doesn’t suit you, usually man start chatting with the next candidate and repeat the same process. The described situation is extremely standard and not all couples have the same story.   

Prior searching for a lady from Russia, it is better to decide whom you want to date. This strategy is recommended by most family experts, you should draw a picture of your ideal life partner in your mind. Stick to your preferences and use an advanced search option. It won’t be a problem if you find only several candidates who meet you criteria. It is better to start chatting with one or two women whom you like than with five that doesn’t suit you. 

After picking a woman you can contact her and then everything develops almost intuitively. The other steps are rather individual and totally depend on the user’s personality and preferences.

Pros and cons of this online dating platform

You will never find ideal website that will guarantee you the finding of your long-term partner. Everything relating to family and relations is so secret and unpredictable. So, it is recommended to find the resource, which meets of your need. Now, let’s review what are the main benefits of

  • Thousands of high-quality profiles of Russian ladies for marriage and new members are added every day. 

  • The easiest and quickest advanced search option.

  • Reasonable pricing policy. There are some free options, but those, which relates to communication are paid once.

  • Experienced support team.

  • Real date organization. You don’t need to bother about anything, just contact site’s professional and you will be assisted in everything.

  • Anti-scam policy.

Some drawbacks are:

  • There are mostly Slavic women, no ladies’ variability in terms of national difference.

  • Not the most ideal design.

  • May be some language barrier.

Recommendations about how to impress a Russian lady

Secret pill for every woman simply doesn’t exist. To begin with, you should pay attention to your woman and her preferences and it will be the best thing ever. However, if you are a new member on this platform and have never chatted with Slavic women, you’d better review this recommendations and try to implement at least some of them. A little bit later, when your relations will be at a curtain level, you won’t need these pieces of advice, though at the very beginning it is almost vital. 

  • Make a good first impression. Generally, it is relating to your profile and what information you are posting about yourself. Women want to find out as much information as possible before chatting with any man. That’s why, don’t skip this important step and add information about yourself and upload photos. Women are doing this and want to have the same reaction in return. Chose only high-quality photos and that will draw lots of attention to your profile. If you have a desire and possibility, you may dress up in several looks (more classical way and in a casual), it will create various impressions about you. Nevertheless, it is not obligatory. 

  • Try to create a positive impression, aggression spurns Russian ladies. It is true to ninety percent of ladies from Russia. They don’t like aggressive manner of communication, in most situations they are even afraid of it. These women appreciate when their point of view is respected and noticed. Even in a small details, they prefer a friendly manner of communication. Let’s take for instance one situation, a visit to a restaurant. Ideally, it will be a friendly discussion and a sort of a compromise or lady’s variant. Otherwise, it will look like a man is too persistent and rude. This fine line may be not noticeable at first, but you should try to understand how it works for Russian wives. 

  • Be a gentleman. Nowadays most Russian ladies for marriage stick to the sexes’ equality like the other women from Europe and America. Nevertheless, they still traditionally like such acts as opening the door and helping with coats. Demonstrate these actions on a real date and you will definitely impress your woman. One more great variant to surprise a Russian lady for marriage is to find out about her preferences and create her favorite atmosphere on the next date. This will show your attention and interest in her personality.     

Try to express your appreciation. Despite of all the stereotypes Russian ladies still wait for romantic gestures, they want to get small gifts. Any tiny present such as a bunch of flowers, jewelry or candy will create a good impression of you as of a future husband. There shouldn’t be any celebrations, a usual Monday that starts from a bunch of flower will become an ideal for a woman. 

Why so many beautiful women are signing up on this dating website? 

Every situation is unique in its way, that’s why it is so hard to choose only one explanation to this question. Though, let’s try. There is a huge gender imbalance in Russia and that’s why such pretty young girls are searching for foreign husbands. 

Also, Russian women are looking for more financial stability. It can be really hard to earn a decent sum of money for women in Russia and they prefer to choose a foreign husband. It doesn’t mean that they are searching for money, they just want to have life stability and confidence in the future.   

The last but not the least thing is that foreign men are more attentive and tactful than Russian guys. Russian wives are desperately searching for appreciation and when they fail, the only variant is online dating and future marriage with a foreigner. 

These are not all the possible explanation and there are way more of them. Nevertheless, every woman has her own intentions and maybe even the one, which you will never guess. So, if you priorities this question as top important while choosing your love, you may ask her about this. Don’t hesitate, these women like sharing, especially if they notice man’s attention.


It takes a long time to understand culture and traditions of another country, especially if it is a country of your beloved. However, you should do it and spend some time for building serious and meaningful relations with you Russian lady. In this virtual world, searching for ideal relations in no longer a problem, but developing together, reaching the same goals and life plans in totally another story. So, offers you a nice possibility to date the most beautiful girl with serious intentions, though only you can choose this option or push it away. If you are seriously oriented, then this resource is a starting platform for your and you shouldn’t wait any longer. You definitely need this family happiness with a Russian wife.